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Devotional Hebrews 11:1

Aug 03, 2016 05:40 PM CDT


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"Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see" (Hebrews 11:1).

At different points in our lives, we may find it hard to have faith in God. Whether it is struggling to believe if a God exists, that God has a mission for us, or that God is there for us during horrible times in our lives. Most of us at some point in our lives struggled to believe. This struggle may occur because of the wave of horrible events that has happened to us or it might be a part of our personality to question and be suspicious. But one of the most important part of faith is having this confidence in God despite not being able to see him. And it's difficult for a reason.

Such faith requires just as the passage says: "confidence in what we hope for". We all have hoped for something in our lives and have been disappointed because it didn't happen or it didn't happen in the way that we wanted. But we have to separate these past events from our relationship with God. Our expectations are not always going to align with what God wants for us, so we can't just give up hope in God just because things don't go our way all of the time.  And we can't put God in the same standard as people who we have trusted but have betrayed us. God does not lie to us. When there may be no one in our lives that we can count on, God is the only one that we can rely on. God is above and beyond what any of us can be and has in mind a path for all of us. The most important thing is that we have confidence in our expectations of our life with God: our spiritual lives.

Our faith should be centered on trusting that God will lead us to him and that by following God, we will experience a much better life in heaven. Our life here is not to be worried solely about fleeting or material things. Our hope should be on the kingdom of God, something that is more lasting and fulfilling that anything on earth. We do not see heaven or God, but we should have faith in God's words that there is such a place for us. That there is an afterlife and that we should be aiming to go to the kingdom of God. We should always have confidence in our hope to meet God someday and spend our eternity with him. And we should be confident that such a wonderful place exists.