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Understanding Praise

Jun 25, 2016 11:49 PM CDT

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Understanding Praise

I wanted to talk more about the importance of praise since it was something that I didn't understand after a certain amount of time going to Church. I used to not look forward to the time where we had to stand up and sing. I used to think I was strange for not having the same kind of enthusiasm as others around me. And I have come to realize that praise is a central part of church. I used to think that the preaching was the most important part, so I would get impatient with anything else.

But if you read the bible, praise and sacrifice was a major part of the bible, both in the New and Old Testament. God favored those who provided valuable sacrifice. There are songs and psalms that focus on praising God for the things that he does for us. Jesus and his disciples would also praise God. So while learning about the message of God is important, it is also important to learn how that praise is part of our mission as Christians. We are here to serve and praise God.

So how do we praise? How do we reach a point where we put are all into praising God? I think it's important that we know why we praise God. Sometimes we feel self-conscious, ambivalent, or don't feel as though anything good has happened in our lives to be thankful for. In these times, it is important to think about God's involvement in our lives. God loves us so much. He forgives when we don't deserve it. He helps us even when we are unaware or ungrateful. He sacrificed a part of himself so that we would have a chance of salvation. Whenever I think of what good he has done for me, I feel loved. It's so important to realize that God loves us, so that we start to love back. Praise is showing that love. We show our love by singing, dancing, and praying to God. If we clear our minds of our worries and material things and instead focus on God, praise can be a bit easier. Whenever we are at church, we should start by clearing our minds and then think of God. And when we think of God, we should have a heart full of love. It may be hard at first to focus or to feel excitement when we praise, but as long as we focus on trying to show our love for God, then it will please God.