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Devotional Micah 4:11-12

Jun 11, 2016 11:26 PM CDT

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Devotional Micah 4:11-12

"But now many nations are gathered against you. They say, "Let her be defiled, let our eyes gloat over Zion!" But they do not know the thoughts of the Lords; they do not understand his plan, that he has gathered them like sheaves to the threshing floor." Micah 4:11-12.

One of the most important things to realize is that, as a Christian, you will be faced with obstacles. People may treat you harshly, mock your beliefs, or in the worse case scenario, try to do harm to you. Although it may not happen often now, people in the past, and even in the present in certain places, would be ostracized or harmed for their beliefs. It sometimes even resulted in forcing people out of their homes or mass genocide. Intolerance is prevalent through all of history. Whether it is due to a sense of superiority or clash of ideals, some people tend to dislike others because of that person's religion. And the thought of facing such hostility can be scary.

Yet in this message, we are told that God has a plan that overshadows the actions of those that are against the Christians. The message shows God as a protector. Despite the plans of the enemy during the time of this passage, God has a plan that they do not know or understand. As a matter of fact, the message suggests that they are unknowingly playing a part of his plans, gathering them "like sheaves to the threshing" or grain to be separated. God won't let them have victory over you. He plans to protect us and reward us for our good deeds and choice to serve him. He plans to separate the good and the bad.

We have to trust that God has this plan so that we do not falter in our faith. It can be easy to want to hide our faith to avoid persecution or insult; we may even want to give up on our faith because of the intolerance we face. But the plan God has for us is more powerful than what anyone can put us through. We are all children of God, and when the time comes, we will be blessed with riches far greater than any material thing on earth. God's plan is for all of us to enjoy the kingdom of heaven. If we keep this knowledge of God's plan in our hearts, it gets a bit easier to get through our suffering. If we realize that God has power and knowledge over both us and our enemies, we become comforted, knowing that God won't let us suffer for long.

So if there is someone that treats you poorly for your faith, don't be discouraged. Believe in God, that he has a plan for you. That he will protect you from harm and bless you. Despite what happens, God is always there for you.