YEF News

Chicago YEF Strives To Eye Revival till Pentecost

Apr 15, 2016 11:30 AM CDT

YEF Chicago chapter is striving to witness the revival by the Pentecost. They are planning to launch events that follows up with Bible Studies and Christian activities. 

First outreach is going to be Hip hop Dance class opening on April 19th 7pm at Chicago YEF Center. The first class will be open to public and the flyers are being posted in many parts of the community boards and college campuses. Second event is Asian American culture exchange. YEF is contacting one student organization to co-work for hosting one cultural event at the center. 

On the campus of UIC, UC, YEF chicago is launching free language classes to meet with more people and cooperating with wardoffice to host many beneficial classes such as ESL, GED classes at the center for marginalized childrens around the neighborhood as well. 

Please pray for YEF Chicago to strengthen by the work of Holy Spirit daily till Pentecost to eye the revival of the city.