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YEF Meditates Suffering of Christ

Mar 21, 2016 06:59 PM CDT

YEF North America is meditating on the meaning of cross with its members during the passion week.

The YEF chapters has been meditating on the meaning of the Cross everyday during the 40-day lenten period with members, sharing their testimonies and reflections. One member shared, "no matter how many times you study the message of His Cross, we will never understand the depth of His love. His sacrifice, His pain, when we start to see the difficulty that Jesus faced, I felt my heart begin to love Jesus and salvation became something very precious to me."

Some chapters are also participating in daily studies on the meaning of His suffering throughout the passion week. These chapters are holding the Bible studies online to allow for more frequent meetings.

One student from YEF Chicago shared after a message about the Jesus' washing the feet of disciples, "I tried so hard to do God's work and somewhat believed that it is cleansing my sin. But through this message, I realized that only when we know and accept His love, can we be cleansed."

The students will continue to meditate on the suffering of the Lord till Easter and is hoping to taste the world of Resurrection together with the Lord.